Shall I Filter My Photos?

In this social media age, we all can post our photos online that we’re with friends dining together or maybe flaunt our new clothes, show where we are at because we’re on a vacation, our selfie, and other stuff that our camera can capture and that we are willing to post on social media. However, there’s an ultimate question that we consider prior hitting that upload button, and that is “shall I filter it?

Cameras now are getting better almost every year with high specs and powerful algorithms that can enhance your images, in fact, cameras are the lead feature of some smartphone makers. Despite those powerful cameras embedded on smartphones, mobile apps for photo editing are proliferating too and offering a lot of features like photo enhancements also known as filter, cute stickers, removing unwanted objects, adding texts, and so many other. Before, I can remember, during the verge of smartphone Era, I used photoshop to edit my photos. Yes! I always edit my photos prior to posting it to social media especially before that phone camera are not as good as now.

But let us go back to the present, and ask the ultimate question: shall I filter my photos before uploading to social media?

Black and white filter is attractive too.

My take on that is YES, if you are planning to publicize it, it must undergo a thorough review because anything you share on the public is open to scrutiny and appreciation. Everybody now has an opinion on your public post especially if you are posting it to community platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many others where your friends, relatives, workmates, and even strangers are connected to your profile. Some users have a different approach, they prefer unfiltered photos, in fact, hashtag was once famous for that (#nofilter) and I don’t have any problem on that as long as they’re open and non-sensitive if someone will make a negative comment either on their post or in real life. We all have flaws and it’s up to us on how we deal with it. If you don’t want those kinds of feedback, mitigate it! It’s still your responsibility if you want a harmonious and stress-free social-media life, as what they always remind us “think before you click“, think and consider everything prior hitting that upload or submit button.

Filtered by VSCO, VSCO app has an ability to mimic some cameras image rendering like in Fujifilm.

Being an aspirant photographer and photography as a hobby, I always have that look or taste on the picture taken whether it’s beautiful or just a common images even if it’s not yet filtered. I think most photographers would agree that the photos posted on the portfolio must undergo post-processing where color adjustments and or filtering were done. By default, photos took by famous camera makers are washed-out at some point and I actually prefer that way because I will have more control during my post-processing to emphasize the story of the image and enhance the beauty of it, though cameras like Sony and Fujifilm are known for their signature images, Sony’s images are high in contrast while Fuji produces “film-like” result and these cameras are good for photographers who are not or less fanatic of post-processing or do believe in #nofilter hashtag.

We all have the freedom to post whatever it is in our social media wall but we don’t have much right to dictate the viewer to make a positive opinion about it. Everyone is entitled to comment on whatever is being served on their feed and beauty is a subjective matter. If you have a low-tolerance for those not so good comments that you might hear or receive then you have all the rights to work on it and mitigate, filtering and making sure that what is expected and accepted by the public should be posted and shared.


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